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La Rosa- High Sabatino

For the past five decades, La Rosa has been customizing, and designing, modular, and production, fabricated stainless steel, foodservice equipment. ​Since 1970, the Grillo Family has been manufacturing Stainless Steel Refrigeration in Detroit, Michigan.  La Rosa customizes The World’s Best Pizza Tables.  The innovation put into the designs offer countless modifications to satisfy all chefline situations.  This equipment is customized, and built to last for years on end.

Offering our customers the highest of standards, LaRosa can satisfy anyone from independent owners, to franchises. The dedication, and craftsmanship LaRosa concentrates on, keeps the company growing.   Businesses can receive their products within 2 to 10 working days.

With more than 20 major product lines, hundreds of options, and accessories, our team uses a unique blend of the finest old world craftsmanship and modern technology. All products not only meet NSF, UL and UL Canada standards, but come equipped with warranties. La Rosa Equipment is not only sold in Michigan, but is offered to the whole United States, and across seas.​  La Rosa looks forward to doing business across the world.

Whatever customers want, they get! Call us today for your refrigeration needs!  We look forward to discussing your future project extremities.

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