MEIKO Warewashing Equipment

  Erik MacPherson   Mar 22, 2014     Comments Off on MEIKO Warewashing Equipment


MEIKO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial warewashing equipment. Founded as a five-man workshop in Germany in 1927, MEIKO has long since grown into a large company on the cutting edge of technology in engineering and manufacturing.

MEIKO has displayed steady growth and expansion, demonstrating its remarkable success as a company and projecting growth for the future. Expansion outside of Germany has brought manufacturing and sales facilities to the Netherlands, Austria, China, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy and the United States.

MEIKO meets the demand for high quality, reliable, environmentally friendly warewashing equipment in all sizes and applications – from undercounter units to the largest flight-type rackless conveyors. Already one of the most respected names in warewashers, MEIKO is committed to its exciting line designed specifically for the American marketplace.

MEIKO products are designed and engineered first and foremost to meet the challenges of the commercial world—and that’s a beautiful thing. This thinking has led us to become the world’s #1 brand in flight-type conveyor warewashers.
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