Achieve confidence in the kitchen with the icombi classic.

RATIONAL sees itself as a specialist in hot food preparation in the world’s professional kitchens. This clear self-image is the basis of a success story that dates back over 30 years. RATIONAL’s primary corporate objective has always been to offer the maximum possible benefits to its customers. Regular innovation has guaranteed its leading position by far in terms of technology and market share. Rapid growth has increased its share of the world market to 54%. Over 100 million meals are now prepared every day in RATIONAL units in all parts of the world.

We offer the maximum possible benefits to people who prepare hot food in large-scale and commercial kitchens. Our target group is made up of people who prepare hot food in large-scale and industrial catering establishments. Our core skill is transferring thermal energy to all types of food. We are constantly increasing our leading edge in this field.

Our most recent invention: 2011 Invention of the world’s first SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® with HiDensityControl®

Meet your new chef.

Watch the Rational SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses Video and see how your commercial kitchen can benefit. In just a few short minutes you will:

– Meet the oven with human qualities

– See how to turn a simple meal into a delicacy with the press of a button

– Discover the one thing that really counts in a commercial kitchen oven


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